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Kim Weitkamp has been referred to as a professional storyteller and a leadership coach. For me, she was quite literally my inspiration.  I and my entire leadership team were entranced.  She demonstrated skillfully how to use “storytelling” to lead, to connect with your employees, and yes – to inspire.


Because of Kim’s motivation, I was able to establish a bond with members of my leadership team that would have never been formed without Kim’s inspiration.   Two months after that meeting, I am still receiving rave reviews and feedback from those in attendance. 


I am a better leader, and my team is a stronger team, because of Kim Weitkamp.  We all have a story to tell; let Kim help you tell yours.


Rodney E. Gaddy

VP, Administrative Services

Duke Energy

The trenches.

Strategic planning, marketing, building sales teams,  internal communication flow, external results. Kim has gone into the trenches with large corporations, working with them on short and long term projects;  helping them untangle issues and see new ways of problem solving and creating. 

"She easily opens participants in her workshop experiences to 'see' the perfect opportunities to leverage story in furthering both the organizational impact and the organizations story."   Jeff Brunson,  Author of  Building Confident Leaders

Kim has worked with internal marketing teams guiding product launches, building story lines and content marketing. She has helped build training content from the ground up. Content that doesn't just sound good...but that is practical and applicable to the team on the street.

One on one trench work. Guiding  directors and executives to become better communicators...resulting in stronger teams and team loyalty. 

Kim operates under non-disclosure contracts...keeping your materials and information safe and sound. She also carries all proper insurances.

Time and again Kim is brought back by the same companies and organizations. Join the team.

Kim will meet with you and/or your training team before the event so she can customize and tailor the training to your specific needs and goals.  Fully customized for your needs...reach higher, farther and faster.

For booking:

THA Artists 540.254.0246

or send us an email from the contact section

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