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"Listening to Kim speak is life changing. I know mine is forever changed. I would recommend Kim to any company needing a fresh, dynamic perspective on business...on life!"

Ronnie Walter - Licensed Artist, Author and  Art Business Coach

High energy and funny...very funny. Kim brings a wealth of insight to the stage along with a long career as a humorist and speaker. It's a powerful punch and it is why she is the opening keynote speaker for events and conferences around the country.

She sets the pace for the rest of your event. Excite, ignite and motivate!

"Having the knowledge to speak is one thing, having the ability to capture the minds and hearts of several thousand people and take them on a life changing ride, that's another thing. Kim has that gift."

Harvey Baker - Rootstech Conference

In the past year, Kim presented to over 42,000 people and is one of the most sought after storytellers in the country. She blends her 23 years of experience with your theme and goals, helping you hit a home run. 

"What is it about Kim Weitkamp? I don't know, but I'll tell you something, after hearing her give the opening keynote, I signed up for every session she presented  during the conference."

Tim Loggins - Vermont Hunger Action Conference

It is important to note that Kim is NOT a comedian. She is a professional speaker and humorist, which means she will make you laugh but she will also leave a lasting impact, helping you reach the goals that have been set for your event.

"You are a consummate performer/speaker but more importantly a bright light!  I have had nothing but rave reviews, the response has been incredible and I have even been congratulated for bringing you in to speak!"

Loretta Ramos - Fresno College, CA

Time and again Kim is brought back by the same companies and organizations. Join the team.

For booking:

THA Artists 540.254.0246

or send us an email from the contact section

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