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"The breadth of Kim's expertise is truly breathtaking.  From minute details to global scale overviews, Kim understands the most vital concepts to make any corporate or non-profit undertaking successful."

Mark Early, Director of Communications  HopeTree Family Services

What makes your organization special?

Within a five mile radius of your local non-profit there are approximately ​20 other non-profit organizations, each one with a great mission and focus.

So, what makes you stand out? 

Your story, of course.

Craft it, digest it, market it, train with it...because your story is the only thing that sets you apart.

"We were all inspired and empowered as you led us to experience, first-hand, the power of "story."  What a powerful message!  I heard so many positive comments. Our staff is engergized to head into the next year!" 

Denise Arnold - Niswonger Foundation


Kim brings to the table years of experience within the non-profit world as a director herself.  That, along with her communication experience and knowledge of the power of story to transform, will springboard your organization to the next level...or pull it out of the rut that it has fallen into.

"My volunteers and staff took part in one of Kim's training's. Wow, epiphanies galore. I now have 62 effective ambassadors, not staff, infiltrating the community for our cause. They have become passionate and authentic living and breathing marketers."

CRC Client, VA

Time and again Kim is brought back by the same companies and organizations. Join the team.

For booking:

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